Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More portraits of Shakespeare and some family history too

I found 2 more portraits of Shakespeare.

The Old Player and the Soest portraits of Shakespeare

This site also has some very interesting genealogical research. Just read down the Sitemap and see the high lights. Also here is the HOME button. For the record, there are several interesting pages branching off from the Sitemap main pages.

One of those interesting pages is the Documents page. These documents are the FACTS (proof) of the poet's life. He was in London living as an actor. Then he went back to Stratford and lived like a well off gentleman. But he certainly didn't ACT like a gentleman. He took anyone to court that he could wring more money out of, and he deliberately chose not to pay back the debts his wife took out.

Another page shows the accepted genealogy of William Shakespeare. Is it still correct? That is the question. Here is a PDF page that says Richard Shakespeare was not William's grandfather.

Source documents are the basic building blocks of genealogy. One must always work backwards moving from what is known, to what is unknown. You cannot prove your grandparents are really your grandparents without at least four documents as proof - namely your birth certificate, your parents marriage certificate and both of your parents birth certificates. OK, make that 3 documents since a marriage certificate is not totally necessary. But since it does name the bride & grooms parents - it is very useful.

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