Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shakespeare and Marlow

I have found a few new Websites and Books with some very interesting ideas about Christopher Marlow.

Shakespeare and Marlow says that Shakespeare and Marlow co-authored the play of Hamlet, and there is a new edition of Hamlet that shows this collaboration.

Peter Zenner (The Phoenix) in England has an intriguing new idea. That Kit Marlowe did not exist at all, and that Kit Marlowe was somehow mixed up with a man named Christopher Morley. However it seems Christopher Morley was not his real name either. His real name was William Pierce. Peter Zenner says he has written a book describing this triage - The Shakespeare Invention - where he reveals that the 'Invention' consisted of three men -- the author, the actor and the man whose name they purloined.

Marlow/Shakespeare School of Thought By John Baker. This is an amateur website that brings together a large number of links about Marlow. Some very interesting pages too. Such as the following.

Primary Documents for Marlow
What really happened in 1593

And lastly I found an article from the New York Times dated January 2005, about Christopher Marlow.

Books about Marlow

The World of Christopher Marlow. By David Riggs.

A Review of The World of Christopher Marlow

History Play: The Lives and Afterlives of Christopher Marlowe By Rodney Bolt (2004)

Shakespeare Thy Name is Marlow, By David Rhys Williams. (1966) Williams was a Unitarian Minister.


Carlo D. said...

we also subscribe to the theory that Marlowe most likely was the author of the Shakespeare plays.

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