Monday, November 5, 2007

Shakespeare Theatre Washington DC

The Shakespeare Theatre in Washington DC has a Mini-Marlow festival coming up later this month. Two of Christopher Marlow's plays will be performed.

Edward II
by Christopher Marlowe
directed by Gale Edwards
10/27/2007 - 1/6/2008

by Christopher Marlowe
adapted and directed by Michael Kahn
10/30/2007 - 1/6/2008

Also a Marlow Symposium will be held on November 10th. More details can be seen here.

I am mentioning this because I personally believe that Marlow survived the brawl at the tavern, in which he was supposedly killed in 1593, and fled to Europe where he continued to write the plays that have been attributed to Shakespeare.

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DB said...

I agree about his surviving the "brawl" - too coincidental that another of Walsinham's agents was there. But I think Marlowe was not alone in the shaping of the plays. Still, I'd like a glimpse of the papers regarding him in that villa in Italy...